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Tiny Habits for Better physical Health
Tiny Habits for Better Physical Health
Tiny Habits for Better Physical Health
1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. We often don [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]' [/font]t get enough water in our systems, and get so busy throughout the day that we don ' [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]t [/font]think about stopping to replenish our supply. Or we replenish with soda or coffee or tea but not water. Trigger yourself by leaving a big glass out on the counter or table. Or do what I do, and get a big travel mug with a lid. At night, I fill it up with a lot of ice and a bit of water, and in the morning it [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]' [/font]s waiting for me: a nice, cool cup of water. Flush the toxins, kickstart your system, wake yourself up
2. Park as far away as you can from the door. Fight the effects of a sedentary lifestyle by getting more steps into your day whenever you can. In fact, simple things like a longer stroll from the car to the door might be more effective than a vigorous work-out at counteracting the effects of long hours at a desk.
3. Eat raw fruit or vegetables with every meal. Think: a green side salad, a slice of melon, some berries, a few carrot sticks and cucumber slices. Not only will you get more nutrients in, you will also be getting in more fiber and potentially helping your body lose weight, retain energy, and decrease hunger.
4. Stand up and stretch every hour, on the hour. Trigger yourself with a beep on your phone or watch (do people still wear those?) or computer. Sitting for extended time periods is a bad idea for both your body and your brain. You need a mental and physical break, and it doesn't [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]have [/font]to be a big deal. Just stop, when your on-the-hour beep sounds at you. Stand up where you are, reach over your head, take a deep breath, touch your toes, roll your shoulders.
5. Carry a small bag of nuts or beef jerky everywhere you go. Something protein-rich will help stave off hunger as well as keeping you from getting to that ravenous point when you [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]' [/font]ll eat anything in sight, no matter what the calorie count is. Getting a little more protein in your diet can help boost your metabolism and build your muscle, as well.
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Tiny Habits for Better Mental Health
1. Ask open-ended questions. Instead of throwing out questions just so you can insert your own opinion, ask bigger, better questions. Avoid asking questions that can be answered with a simple Yes or No. Try questions that start with [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]“[/font]What do you think about…?” and [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]“[/font]How would you….?” or [font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]“[/font]What is your experience with…?” Then listen to the answers with the attitude that you are here to learn. Having an open perspective and initiating deeper conversations will help you to relate with others, cultivate empathy, keep your own problems in perspective, make new friends, and learn new ways of approaching life. Imagine the wisdom you would gain in five or ten years if you just have one of these conversations every week.
[font="Times Roman", serif] [/font]
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2. Keep a tray of art supplies out on your table/desk/shelf. Don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t force or even expect yourself to clock in a certain number of minutes or productions. Just keep them out, in reach, so that when you feel like doodling around with something artistic, it is effortless. Bonus points: switch the art medium out every week or month (pastels, crayons, watercolors, ink, clay, playdough, carving knife & wood block).
3. Sit in silence for a few minutes every day. We don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t have to call this meditation, because that might be a little too intimidating. You don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t have to sit cross-legged. You don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t have to close your eyes. You don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t have to be Zen-like in anyway. Your brain can be flying a hundred miles an hour, but don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t say or do anything. Just sit, comfortably, and breathe for a few minutes.
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4. Jot down everything on your mind for a few minutes at the end of the day. This is a brain dump in the easiest way possible. It[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]s not a big deal like a daily journal or to-do list or planner might feel. Keep a simple notebook by the bed, and give yourself a few minutes to pour out everything that[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]s on your mind before you go to sleep. Don[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t edit. Let it all out, in any format, in any order. It doesn[font="Arial Unicode MS", serif]’[/font]t have to make sense, even to you. Studies show that this type of writing can reduce anxiety and depression. Alternative: use a voice recorder and simply talk, in unedited stream-of-consciousness style, for a few minutes into your recorder.
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